Short Term Car Insurance What You Should Know

Insurance companies prefer that you have a long-term mentality. However, do not mistake this to mean that you would suffer if you apply for short term car insurance ( Car insurance companies prefer that you have lasting relationships with them and not switch from one company to another. Short-term car insurance can be applied even if you have existing long-term car insurance. Applying for one does not violate the “long-term preference” of car insurance companies. There are just situations where you need to apply for short term car insurance.

Short term car insurance is convenient if you are on holiday and you are borrowing a car from a friend or a family member, lending your car temporarily to a vacationing friend or family, or renting one from a car rental ( It will also be helpful if you have short term car insurance if you bought a new car, and you are waiting for the long-term car insurance policy to take effect. The car insurance policy always allows the owner of the car to add on a new driver to the car or drive another person’s car legally. Of course, all car owners and drivers should know that it is illegal to be driving uninsured cars on public highways, so car insurance is a must.

How short is “short-term,” anyway? Well, it can be as short as a day or as long as 11 months. It depends on how long you plan to use the car on a short-term insurance policy. This kind of policy covers vans, classic cars, kit cars, and modified cars or the cars that campers use. Anyone who is beyond 21 years of age can apply for short-term car insurance ( There are terms that long-term car insurance covers, however, that short-term car insurance may or may not include, like damage repairs. Some short-term insurance can cover damages to windscreen, audio system, and breakdown.

You will find that applying for short-term car insurance is easier than applying for a long-term one. The process is much quicker and more accessible since short-term car insurance is readily available on the internet. More than that, you will have options available according to your car insurance needs. If you have a car that you use on a temporary basis or if you just bought a car, they can be placed under the same policy. Also, you can choose the exact time frame where you will need car insurance as long as it is somewhere between a day to 11 months.

Short-term car insurance can be convenient for you, but it is somewhat expensive. This is because insurance companies take into consideration the risks that you might get into while they are liable to any damage or trouble that you and your car might get into while you are under their care. No matter what, though, it would still be advisable for you to take long-term car insurance if you are driving your vehicle long term and not temporarily because you are more protected this way. Remember, short-term car insurance may or may not provide you with all the benefits that you can enjoy under long-term car insurance.